Our Story

Porvoon pyöräkeskus Oy is specialized in bicycles and was founded 1998.

Since 2006 the current owners are : Nina and Kimmo Karhu (road cycling Finnish Champion y.1989)


We offer high quality bicycles, accessories and equipment, expert personal service and a professional bicycle servicing.
Customer satisfaction, we strive to provide the highest quality products and services at competitive prices

Our shop is located in the center of Porvoo, Kaivokatu 34, Teboil upstairs.

KimmoKarhu NinaKarhu SamiJarvikari
Kimmo Karhu Nina Karhu Sami Järvikari, mechanic

Our personnel are regularly taking part in e.g Shimano service courses and Sram service courses.
Specialized arrange courses in service, product, and Body Geometry Fit.

Nina graduated from Body Geometry Fit course 2010 and Kimmo the following year.
In 2012 Kimmo graduated from the Master Body Geometry course.


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